Benson Oil


Our commercial cardlock sites feature:

  • High speed dispensers for fast fuelling
  • New card readers allow for faster authorization at the pumps
  • 24-hour, 365-day-a-year access
  • Printed receipt at time of purchase which details: location, time/date, card number, quantity
  • Local card administration – set up and manage your account instantly through our local administration team at 1-855-368-3611 during normal business hours.

  • Security and control

    Our card gives you more control over purchases. You can customize each card with purchase restrictions such as volume and daily transaction limits. Each card has its own customizable PIN (Personal Identification Number) to help you control the use of your cards.

    Contact our Trail office today to find out more about getting a Benson Oil cardlock card.

    TRAIL – 8095 Old Waneta Road

  • Clear Diesel
  • Dyed Diesel
  • Clear Regular Gasoline

  • Cardlock Cardlock