Benson Oil

Fuel + Heating Oil

Fuel Delivery

Our trucking division, Benson Oil Inc., delivers gasoline, diesel and heating oil to retail, commercial, industrial, and residential customers throughout the Southern Interior of BC.

Delivery Services Include:

  • Direct delivery from fuel terminal to location for larger volume deliveries
  • Metered deliveries to above ground envirotanks
  • Metered deliveries to heating oil tanks
  • Gravity fuel drops to underground tanks
  • Delivery of packaged lubricants with fuel deliveries where required

  • Automatic Delivery is available to all fuel customers who qualify (on approved credit). This means you do not have to continually dip and monitor your tanks or worry about running out of fuel; we will schedule our deliveries to meet your fuel demands. Many of our customers pair this with our packaged lubricant. We pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with our customers, and can tailor delivery solutions to your specific requirements.

    Commercial and Industrial

    From 500 litres, to 50,000 litres and beyond, our tanker fleet will deliver direct to your yard tank, farm or jobsite. Deliveries can be set on a regular delivery schedule (i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly), or on a call in basis if you prefer.
    We offer constant and consistent service, transparent and competitive pricing, and flexible delivery. We pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with our customers and can tailor delivery our pricing and delivery solutions to your specific requirements.
    Need to add or upgrade your fuel storage? We can help. We are a distributor for Steelcraft tanks, offering new and used double-walled, contained tanks, as well as pumps, hose, nozzles, and everything you need to get the job done.
    We also rent tanks and pumps to those in need of temporary storage solutions. Call our Trail office for tank sizes and availability.

    Heating Oil

    We delivery heating oil to homes and businesses throughout the region. Service is available on a call-in or keep-full (on approved credit) basis. To arrange call today to open an account or arrange for delivery, toll free 1-855-368-3611.

    Third Party Fuel Haulage

    Benson Oil Inc. offers fuel delivery and site management services to third-party commercial and retail customers.

    We Offer:

  • Flexible scheduling and smaller delivery sizes
  • Extensively trained and certified drivers
  • A diverse and mechanically up-to-date delivery fleet
  • Nearly 70 years in the business of handling and hauling petroleum products
  • Access to fuelling terminals